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The Primate® / Logo & Corporate Design

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This web portal is designed for students and professors at Italian universities. The name “The Primate” represents the spectrum of concepts on offer here, with the user having access not only to the usual fare of an online community, but also to many other functions, such as traineeships, housing, culture and various leisure time activities. The „Primate“ logo depicts an androgynous, primitive and futuristic creature moving through the virtual jungle. The logo, with certain elements picked out in black and white, appears very dynamic and creates identity. In cooperation with Alessandro Canestrari, Rome and Xóôlab, Rome.

The network’s stationery also makes clever use of the striking black-and-white graphics: the folder, letterhead, envelope and business card all appear as if printed on fabric. In cooperation with Nives Carruba, Rome and Xóôlab, Rome.