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simply walter. simply ideas … / Naming, Logo, Corporate Design

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Katrin Walter – marketing expert, copywriter, wine specialist and sommelier, innovator and idea creator – wanted to present herself to the market in as many different ways as possible. What is the best way to implement these many different keywords and offers?

The name of the provider „simply walter. simply ideas …“ is a concise statement: That’s me. I offer ideas … The deliberately chosen three points behind „simply ideas“ leave room for new ideas and perfectly describe the provider’s concept. In both word creations, the word „simply“ is representative of the simplification in handling and concept development for the customer. Katrin Walter writes about this: „Everything is already complicated enough. If you want to sell something, the design, presentation, functionality and communication should answer questions and not raise them. In a positive sense this means reducing, minimising, returning to the essentials so that it stands out and is recognised more clearly and impressively; so that it is fun to use things and read texts“.

The logo uses transparent layers to visualise the complexity of Katrin Walter’s product range and her flexibility. A fresh green sets a contrast to the serious grey.