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Katrin Walter, marketing expert, copywriter, wine specialist, connoisseur of Italy, innovator and idea creator, wanted to present herself in a multi-layered and open way with an internet presence in the German and Italian market.

The visual concept of the website further develops the thoughts on naming and corporate design. Circles and bubbles are constantly forming, expanding, dissolving again – like ideas that grow and take shape or, as Katrin Walter describes: „They represent sparkling thoughts, bubbling creativity, pearls or the wonderful carbonic acid bubbles of a classic bottle fermentation, which has matured on the yeasts for many years and which we enjoy so much“. These slowly moving elements add lightness, liveliness and an individual touch to the reduced look of the website.

The colour scheme of the website is deliberately kept fresh and reduced in colour and closely follows the design of the logo: Green, grey and white underline the innovative character of the provider and convey seriousness. Read what the customer writes about the design (in german):

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